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Empty Shelves at Costco - Coronavirus Panic

Yesterday, I made trip to the Costco store in Brandywine, MD to pick up food and essentials for everyday living.  As I drove into the parking lot, I noticed how crowded it was for a weekday afternoon.  Grocery list in hand, I had great expectations of what items would be available because after all, this is Costco.  Even with the current CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) pandemic spreading across the US and the world, I was confident that Costco would be well stocked. Not exactly!


As I walked into the store and flashed my Costco membership card, the ID checker pleasantly wiped down the handlebar on my shopping cart with disinfectant.  I was glad Costco is taking active measures to stop the spread of the CORONAVIRUS.

Once in the store, I headed straight to the meat department.  As I approached the display cases for chicken and fish, I immediately saw they were empty. “Wow” I said to myself.  I then made my way over to the other cases where beef and pork are displayed.  The first thing I noticed was there was no more ground beef.  So much for my brontosaurus burgers I wanted to make, I thought to myself.  However, some of the more expensive beef items were available, like briskets and steaks.  I was able to pick up one of the last three pot roasts (2 pack) for $26 so I was happy.


Next on my list was bread, so I casually pushed my cart over to that area and I noticed the scarcity as I approached the bread racks. Luckily, I was able to find a 2 pack of my favorite brand.


Going down my list, next was water, paper towels and toilet tissue which are generally stored in the same area in most Costco stores.  Once again as I approached, I could see they were completely out of all paper products.


Lastly, I needed to get some eggs.  So again, I made my way over to the glass refrigerated rooms where eggs, milk, etc. is normally stored…….and yes!  There were eggs available. However, there was one catch as the signed read “SORRY FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE, THERE IS A LIMIT OF 1 PACKAGE OF EGGS, PER MEMBER, PER DAY”. Well, I had no choice but to pick up that 1 package of eggs (24 ct).  I wasn’t disappointed though. I normally purchase 1 pack anyway.


At this point I was bit dissatisfied with my Costco experience, so I had to mosey on up to the check-out line. Interesting enough, there was only one check out line although several cashier lanes were open.  Three employees were ushering members to the cashiers.  My assumption was they were trying to limit any potential chaos and keep the line moving rapidly......and they were doing a good job of it.  

So, my hat is off to you Costco.  I understand.  It’s as simple as supply and demand due to the CORONAVIRUS pandemic. People are beginning to panic.  The Governor of Maryland has closed bars, restaurants, and casinos. Schools are already closed for two weeks.  Hopefully, most grocery stores in the area will soon be able to keep up with the demand during this pandemic. 

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Construction has begun on the new Prince George's Regional Medical Center/Hospital in Largo, MD

High quality patient care is on it's way to Prince George's County!  The county had a ground-breaking ceremony a few weeks ago to begin construction of the new regional medical center that will sit on 26 acres  (the old "Cap Centre at the Boulevard" shopping grounds).   The new hospital will include a cancer center, a self-contained pediatric hospital, a stroke center and programs in neuroscience, women’s health and orthopedic medicine.  It is planned to open in March 2021.

Click here to read more........


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Air Show Joint Base Andrews Sep 16-17, 2017 / Open to the Public

This is a spectacular event which is open to the public.  Featuring the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds and the U.S. Army Golden Knights.  The 2017 Joint Base Andrews Air Show 

JBA Air Show

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Buyer's Agent in Upper Marlboro, MD - Angelo Rhodes, Taylor Properties

I am Angelo Rhodes, a Buyer's agent located in Upper Marlboro, MD where I not only specialize but, live in Upper Marlboro.  I'll help you find the right home, give you the best possible advice on home values, what you should pay, and help you negotiate a comfortable price.  When you are ready to begin your house hunting adventure in Upper Marlboro and surrounding areas, call me at 240-535-1855.   I love showing homes!

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Video Drive Through of the new Westphalia Town Center, Upper Marlboro, MD

Take a look at construction progress as I drove through the new Westphalia Towncenter in Upper Marlboro, MD.  You'll notice several styles of townhomes as they are being built.  The next phase of development will be retail and shopping.


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Upper Marlboro, Maryland Realtor Launches New Blog

Just moments ago I pressed the "publish" button and this is the first post on my new blog.  I'm Angelo Rhodes of Taylor Properties.  I live in Upper Marlboro, MD in the wonderful subdivision of Hollaway Estates.  I'm a family man with lots of women in my life!  That is......a wife, 2 daughters (grown women in the millennial category) , 2 grand-daughters (ages 5 and 8) who boss me around, and my 78 year old Mother who still smokes Newport cigarettes with no intention of quitting any time soon! I have 2 older brothers who are retired and drive for Lyft when they feel like it.  They like to borrow money from me frequently.  My youngest brother is passionate about helping the youth these days.  Some days I wish I had a sister!

In the upcoming weeks I hope you'll find my blog informative and a bit funny.  I also hope you will enjoy looking at the pictures and videos I'll be posting as I'm out-and-about driving through neighborhoods, showing properties, eating good food, flying my drone and working in my vegetable garden.  Thanks!



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