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Single Family Homes in Bowie, MD | Sold in 2021 | Real Estate Market Update

The real estate market in Bowie, MD was hot in 2021!  Home sales for single family (detached) homes were up 11% from 2020.  The average single family home in Bowie, MD sold for $504K in 2021.  However, a better number to use is the "Median" price.  The median price for a single family home sold in Bowie, MD in 2021 was $462K. 

There was a total of 1158 homes sold.  It took only 13 days average on the market before a buyer ratified a contract to purchase. 

In the million-dollar range - 16 homes in Bowie sold for $1M plus.  The most expensive home in Bowie, MD sold for $2.2M in the Woodmore neighborhood.  The million-dollar neighborhoods in Bowie, MD are Collingbrook, Waterford, Westwood, Woodmore, which includes The Woods of Woodmore, The Preserve at Woodmore, Woodmore North, and Mount Oak Estates. 

 Here's a picture of the house that sold for $2.2M.....


Here's a picture of a home in Bowie that sold for the median price of $462K...


If you are looking to buy or sell a home in Bowie, MD please call me at 240-535-1855.  Angelo Rhodes, Realtor

Angelo Rhodes, Realtor Taylor Properties 240-535-1855 email: [email protected]


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