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COVID-19 Screening in Prince Georges County, MD

For Immediate Release:
March 29, 2020
For More Information:
Gina Ford
Communications Director
Office of the County Executive
Prince George’s County
w. 301.952.4670
c. 202.744.3308
[email protected]


Screening Clinic Has Limited Testing Capability For Those Meeting Stringent CDC Guidelines

LANDOVER, MD – Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks announced today that the Prince George's County COVID-19 screening site at FedEXField will open at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, March 30, 2020. The media staging area for the screening site will be in the western corner of Lot A, which is opposite the screening site. Reporters and photographers will be able to stand anywhere between parking pillars A64-A65 and A74-A75, and the area will be roped off.

On Friday, March 27, the Health Department learned that a member of the Maryland National Guard tested positive for COVID-19. The Maryland National Guard took the appropriate steps to care for their personnel and we feel confident in moving forward with our partners to open the site tomorrow. In addition, the site was cleaned over the weekend using industrial cleaning solutions.

“When we were made aware a member of the Maryland National Guard tested positive for COVID-19, officials from the County, State, National Guard and the Redskins worked through the necessary steps to ensure we could open the screening site as scheduled,” said Alsobrooks. “I am truly proud of the collaborative effort with all our partners that will help us serve our communities in need during these very uncertain times.”

This screening site is designed to alleviate the pressure on primary care physicians, hospitals, and health care facilities that will likely increase in the coming weeks due to COVID-19. Those who normally go to hospitals or emergency rooms to receive primary health care, are highly encouraged to seek a telehealth appointment through the Prince George’s County Health
Department if they believe they have been exposed and are exhibiting symptoms associated with this virus.

This site is primarily a screening area that will have limited testing capabilities for those people who meet stringent CDC testing guidelines. This site is accessible by appointment only, and the process is as follows:

***Walkups exhibiting no symptoms will not be tested. Those with prescriptions from primary care physicians or other health care providers will still need to make an appointment through the Prince George’s Health Department’s COVID-19 Hotline and telehealth services by calling 301-883-6627.

1. Call the Prince George's County Health Department Coronavirus hotline at (301) 883-6627 to schedule an initial telehealth screening.

2. The telehealth medical professional will speak to the caller to obtain information to determine if the patient meets the CDC testing requirements.

3. If the caller meets CDC testing guidelines, they will receive an appointment time and an appointment number (from 1 to 100 **MUST KEEP ASSIGNED APPOINTMENTNUMBER) to go to the FedExField site on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday- they must show up at their appointment time, with their appointment number, and be able to answer questions based on their telehealth screening.

4. Upon arriving at the testing site, the individual will receive instruction from law enforcement as to where to park and when to exit their vehicle.

5. The individual will walk to the checkpoint and give their appointment number, then they will be escorted to a tent based on their symptoms.

6. If the individual meets testing requirements outlined by the CDC, they will be escorted to the testing tent. Following the testing, the individual will be given instructions on home self-care, and social distancing.

7. Those who do not meet CDC guidelines will not be tested. Those individuals who do not meet criteria but are symptomatic will receive instructions on home self-care and   self-isolation, as needed. Those individuals who are asymptomatic will receive
instructions on home self-care and social distancing. The individual will then be escorted to the exit. 

The clinic will be primarily staffed by Prince George’s County Health Department officials with support from the Maryland Department of Health, the Maryland National Guard, the Maryland Medical Reserve Corps, and the University of Maryland Medical System. 

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