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Upper Marlboro, Maryland Realtor Launches New Blog

Just moments ago I pressed the "publish" button and this is the first post on my new blog.  I'm Angelo Rhodes of Taylor Properties.  I live in Upper Marlboro, MD in the wonderful subdivision of Hollaway Estates.  I'm a family man with lots of women in my life!  That is......a wife, 2 daughters (grown women in the millennial category) , 2 grand-daughters (ages 5 and 8) who boss me around, and my 78 year old Mother who still smokes Newport cigarettes with no intention of quitting any time soon! I have 2 older brothers who are retired and drive for Lyft when they feel like it.  They like to borrow money from me frequently.  My youngest brother is passionate about helping the youth these days.  Some days I wish I had a sister!

In the upcoming weeks I hope you'll find my blog informative and a bit funny.  I also hope you will enjoy looking at the pictures and videos I'll be posting as I'm out-and-about driving through neighborhoods, showing properties, eating good food, flying my drone and working in my vegetable garden.  Thanks!



Angelo Rhodes, Realtor Taylor Properties 240-535-1855 email: [email protected]


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